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AFFLUX Carbon Aero Hood
The hood is designed for both its excellent look and the functionality of effectively venting the hot air from the engine bay. The light weight enhances your RX8's performnace.


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AFFLUX Front Bumper
With its distinct shape, the AFFLUX Front Bumper increases the air flow velocity toward the under carriage thus producing more down force for greater stability.


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AFFLUX Side Step
AFFLUX Side Step streamlines the side airflow resulting in increased down force.

FRP - $1,068.00
Carbon + FRP - $1,360.00

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AFFLUX GT Wing (made to order)
A superior 3 dimensional design reduces the drag and maintains the strong down force.


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AFFLUX Aero Mirror
Aerodynamically designed with excellent visibility

Standard - $593.00
Full carbon look - $797.00

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AFFLUX Aero Mirror cover
Can be easily attached to AFFLUX Aero Mirror by double sided tape


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Carbon B Pillar Panel


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Dash 3 Gauge Pod
You can mount three 2 inch gauges at the center of the dash board. Designed for Right hand drive vehicles (early model) only


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Carbon Look Window Switch Panel


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SONIC SR-8 (All stainless)
The SR-8 increases power by 10hp in almost all rev ranges. It is as quiet as stock products at idling, but produces superb racing sound at high rev ranges.

Please specify if your RX8 is the early model or the late model. There is a slight difference in the exhaust shape. Same price. This is for the RX8 early model.


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SONIC SR-8 for late model (All stainless)
Like the one for the early model, this SR-8 increases power by 10hp in almost all rev ranges for your RX8 late model.


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Stainless Header (Exhaust Manifold)
Newly designed this exhaust manifold has evolved to an equal length header for greater efficiency. It provides additional 7 hp and 3kg torque compared with our previous model. It works extremely well with SONIC SR-8 exhaust.


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50 pai Equal Lenghth Stainless Header
Compared with the header mentioned above, this one uses 50mm diameter pipe and it reduced the back pressure further. Consequelty the further power gain has been achieved. (it might take an extra time to install).


Grounding Wire System
By utilizing multiple ground points, the resistance can be equalized and can significantly increase the efficiency of your electrical system. Voltage can increase up to 30 %.


V Power
V Power connects wiring between the alternator and the battery. It can increase the battery voltage and ignition strength and stability.


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Racing Spark Plug Wire
Made of neo silicone which is highly heat resistant and of high tensile strength. With a resistance value of 0.9ohm it produces a strong ignition with noise suppressant features.


Iridium Spark Plug
For the RX-8. The Iridium plug increases the spread of the flame in the combustion chamber and assures high performance in all rev ranges. This is consistent for both trailing side & leading side. Trailing side heat rating is No10 & 11 and Leading side heat rating is No9, & 10


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130A Large Capacity Alternator
By providing very stable electricity, it contributes to a stronger ignition and combustion. This alternator is also a good choice for the driver who uses a premium high watt sound system. (core exchange)


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Modified ECU
We will reprogram your the stock ECU


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Large Clutch Slave Cylinder Set
This set includes a long lasting stainless mesh clutch hose and a large slave cylinder. It reduces the pedal effort when a multi plate clutch is used. Can be sold separately.

Set - $460.00
Mesh Hose - $200.00 Slave Cylinder - $314.00

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Large Capacity Side Tank Design Radiator
Our Large Capacity Radiator with a side tank design increases the cooling efficiency dramatically and stabilizes the water temperature.


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Oil Cooler
A very effective step to control the oil temperature for sport driving


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Ride-Height Adjustable Suspension Kit F801
Developed by the enormous data collected from many race tracks, this suspension kit provides a driver a wide range of setting choices. The dumping force is adjustable by 30 stages and you can feel the difference of each stage. This is an excellent suspension which combines comfort with the sporty performance at very high levels.


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Low Down Spring
Reduces the height by 3 to 4 cm. It is designed for the stock suspensions to achieve performance driving with style. The spring will provide enough clearance for the fender even with 4 people in the car.

Sorry discontinued

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Rear Cross-member Collar
The Rear Cross-member Collar eliminates unwanted rear member movement resulting in greater steering response.


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Wide Wheel Spacer
It gives a wider stance and adds more stability to your RX-8. Front 18mm & Rear 23mm. If used with stock wheels, the wheels are aligned flush with the fender for better appearance. They also match best with FEED low down spring.


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Stabilizer Bracket
By reinforcing the stabilizer mounting, the Stabilizer Bracket provides significantly better stability in cornering. Two variations- for early model & late model (Chassis #133613- )


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Strut Tower Bar
The tower bar prevents unwanted change on the suspension geometry and maintains the correct wheel alignment

1) Front type R - $385.00, 3) Rear type R - $385.00
2) Rear type S - provides more space - $385.00

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4.777 Final Gear Set
Our Final Gear Set provides more torque to the ground in each gear, and it improves the slow acceleration at low rpm range. Gear ratio 4.777


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