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FD3S Tune Up Parts
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High Rev Pulley Kit
The belt is much more durable than the stock and the kit maintains correct revolutions for the alternator and the water pump. It prevents possible problems like overheating.


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Super Air Separate Tank (Reservoir Tank)
Our Super Air Separate Tank collects bubbles from the boiling coolant, thus maintains the cooling efficiency and prevents overheating. *Need modification on radiator to install this tank .

Standard - $739.00
Stock replacement type - $400.00

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Roll Bar
From 6 points to 13 points. We manufacture based on your requirement.

Please refer with your specification

Front Inner Support
By greatly increasing the rigidity of the front section, the support significantly improves handling dynamics


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Front Member Support
Connecting the sides of the center tunnel where the propeller shaft goes through with the front member, the Front Member Support forms a strong triangle which dramatically increases the body rigidity.


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Engine Torque Damper
By isolating the unwanted engine vibration, it enhances the transmission shift feeling.


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Low Down Seat Rails
The Low Down Seat Rails sit lower than factory rails by 30mm (in the case of RECARO SP-G) The products are also much stronger than the previous models. They are designed for RECARO SP-G series and Bride ZETA full bucket series.


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Monocoque Bar (w/ adjust wrench)
Bolt on type. It dramatically increases the body torsional rigidity.


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Racing Spark Plug Wire
Made of neo silicone which is highly heat resistant and of high tensile strength. With a resistance value of 0.9ohm it produces a strong ignition with noise suppressant features.


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Ride-Height Adjustable Suspension Kit Pro-F09
Developed by the enormous data collected from many race tracks, this suspension kit provides a driver a wide range of setting choices. The dumping force is adjustable by 30 stages and you can feel the difference of each stage. This is an excellent suspension which combines comfort with the sporty performance at very high levels. The new 2009 version has been improved further from 05 model. The spring rates are front 16K, and rear 18K.


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Front Strut Tower Bar
The tower bar prevents unwanted change on the suspension geometry and maintains the correct wheel alignment


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Rear Strut Tower Bar
The tower bar prevents unwanted change on the suspension geometry and maintains the correct wheel alignment


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Front Stabilizer Mount
By replacing the stock stabilizer bar mount bracket with our Front Stablizer Mount you will have a more durable mounting and an increased effectiveness of the sway bar by limiting twisting. It also positions the stabilizer closer to the chassis and will prevent contact with the ground.


Full Pillow Suspension Bushing kit
Replacing the stock rubber bushings in the suspension arms, our Bushing Kit's 18 piece bushings make suspension movement more direct and sharper, which will also contribute to a better steering response.


Pillow Tie Rod Ends
The product prevents bump steer caused by lowering the vehicle height. It also contributes for a sharper steering.


Pillow Stabilizer Ends
Our Pillow Stabilizer Ends replaces the front stock stabilizer control links and bushings. The results will be superior preservation of the suspension geometry and sharper suspension feel.


Rear Trailing Link Pillow Bushing
Our Rear Trailing Link Pillow Bushing replaces the stock bushing of the trailing links. The pillow bushings prevent undesirable toe movement and produces stability on the throttle inputs.


Rear Toe-Control Link Pillow Bushing
Our Rear Toe-Control Link Pillow Busing replaces the stock bushing of the toe-control links. The pillow bushings directly enhances the suspension movement and controllability.


Rigid Engine Mount
Our Rigid Engine Mounts are much more durable than stock mounts and will prevent engine / transmission vibration for enhanced steering response and a better shift feel.


Rigid Differential Mount
Our rigid mounts reduce the differential movement and vibration which results in more traction and lightened burden on the power plant frame.


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